Interview with Mónica Santiago

Mónica Santiago

Mónica Santiago is an enterprising Guipuzcoana 50 years old , resident in Mallorca since 2003 and that after several years working as commercial director and retail manager, in the world of fashion and the internet, decided to mount their own company specializing in real estate services.

  • How is born SOUL HOUSING and why? Is born to see the lack in the real estate market, to adapt to the needs of the customer, and give them a good service, as an added value. There are many foreigners in this island, and when they come, feel helpless, and be able to assist, take away problems and accompanying them, makes them enjoy and appreciate this wonderful island. And that is what I want, that they remain, to return and feel at home.
  • What difference to the SOUL HOUSING of the rest of real estate agencies? The dedication, customer care, the cuddle and solutions to what they were raised.
  • Where are located the properties you manage? Throughout the island, although I am more specialised in the Pla Mallorquin, unknown area for many, and for me, one of the most charming and authentic of the island.
  • That extra services bring to all its customers? Any type of administrative management, consultancy, alteration, maintenance of their home in the time that they are not, and when they are back, the house will be as if they had left “this morning” home, energy certificates, and any thing that they need, and that makes them feel secure and happy in the island.
  • Which will be the tendency of the real estate sector during the 2015? It is clear that no one has a crystal ball to predict this, but all indicators point to the increase, given the growth of capital, despite the uncertainty of the market. But the increases are expected, given the liquidity and the need for investment. Another point of investment, is the achievement of the Spanish residency, with a minimum investment of €500,000 in real estate.
  • Has changed the mentality of the spanish customer with regard to the sale and purchase of houses after the crisis? On a hand, before the one who rented was the “dumb” and who mortgaged property, the “Smart”, this change with the crisis, and is catching up with a new mentality. Before they bought to speculate, and today yhey make it or as an investment or in his minority, to live it. What is clear is that it makes for long-term, looking for profitability, which can reach up to 6 %. The sale is very slow, you must show many houses and many times, to close one of them. The buyer, until being sure to 100 %, does not close. Has entered into the negotiation game, something that before, the price was indisputable. Now the buyer, knows a lot more, is more demanding, he’s best advised, since it is probably the largest investment he’ll make in his life.
  • What about the foreigner buyer? Also invests, either for rent or invest in its quality of life, it is used for its retirement. The young people who come to start a new life, the change of currency benefit to them. In the end, they invest.
  • What aspects do we should appreciate before we decide to buy a house? The first thing to evaluate, is to see the budget that we have”. Housing should not exceed 40% of your monthly net income. From this calculation, you can now calculate mortgage to request. There is also to consider the initial costs of the purchase, if the price of the house is with VAT, or without it, then there is that add 10%, plus the cost of the signature, notary public, are environment to a 10/12% more. After you calculate what you can get ,look for what best fits you, with that price. See if the house needs some renovation, there are times that we are looking for a “bargain hunter” to then be able to adapt the house to your liking, if the plumbing, electricity, and other supplies are in conditions. That does not have mortgage burden, urban projects near, surroundings, do you like it? You must think that the investment…is that of your life, and your quality of this depends on your choice.
  • And… if you want to sell or rent a property, what advice would give us? The first advise, is that has to be in good condition, then you can ask for its value. That is present with good taste, clean and creating a real-world scenario, where the potential buyer/tenant is displayed, in harmonious surroundings and beautiful, it will be his “base camp” and must be comfortable and happy.
  • What is your ideal home? Uf! My ideal home, it will always be in the countryside, the nature is my “petrol” to touch daily our roots, revitalizes me and helps me to appreciate what we have, only those sensations are the ones we’ll always carry, and help me to live day by day, Enjoy a starry sky, walking with my dogs, listen to the sheep, see that when I arrive to my house after a hard day of work to get all those in puts … “natural beauty”… give me life, so I choose the country side, in the area of the Pla Mallorcan, with terrain, light, views, and the rest… gives it to me the nature.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of being an entrepreneur today. To be an entrepreneur you must be active, courageous, sometimes a little “unconscious” , operative, improviser and a hard worker, and don’t let the fear to show, the uncertainty sometimes can play you bad passes, must be an eager to learn from each step, to adore the adventure, risk, self-motivation and challenges. Self-love well focused helps you to get up, and all this are advantages for me… I love my job, my life and the island in which I live. The disadvantages… Unfortunately, we live in a country that does not help us, we are not listening. They make it very difficult to get ahead. There are much jealousy and “ticks” that want to come up in your cart to intoxicate your good work, good faith and your “I want to do”, with such to take your money without more. It is not possible to work just for money…you must love, and put the soul in what you do…and that is unfortunately what it lacks this country.