Residence Visa

The also known as GOLDEN VISA, was born in accordance with Law 14/2013 to support entrepreneurs and their internationalization, specifically for non-resident foreigners in Spain that intended to enter Spanish territory to make a “significant investment” of capital, to apply for a residence visa for investors.


Among the assumptions included as “significant investment” is the acquisition of property in Spain with an investment equal to or above the value of €500,000 per applicant.


  • For granting the visa, the investor must accredit -in addition to the general requirements for entry and residence for all foreigners- generating activities, such as lack of criminal record, not to appear as unacceptable, having a health insurance, or have sufficient financial resources for themselves and for family members during your period of residence in Spain – being an owner of the property.
  • Investment in real estate must be free of any charge or tax, even though it is permitted that the part of the investment that exceeds 500,000 euros can be subject to charge.